Tuesday, January 29, 2013

around here: january

we are still celebrating his birthday. and the fun will continue into february when we take his friends to disneyland.

i baked cupcakes and brownies for our 1st grade bake sale.  those are roasted marshmallows on top of a chocolate cupcakes.  i forgot to add the graham cracker topping, but something tells me they were still pretty good.

the drums have arrived.  jordan made himself a nice little cove in the garage to play them.  but we have more cleaning to do before i can take a picture and share what the set up looks like. (and so far no neighbor complaints.)

we are going to a lot of basketball games.  2 yesterday, one on thursday and practices in between.  and this saturday andrew starts back at baseball.  i may need to get some help.

i am trying to get into a routine at the gym but my schedule is inconsistent.  i went back to zumba last week.  missed yoga two weeks in a row.  1/2 marathon training starts on saturday.  i'm gonna keep moving as fast as i can.

we are building things.  we loaded our dvds into binders and got rid of all of those packages.  it gives us more room to decorate.  and honestly we don't watch dvds very much.  can you say netflix?

i love that we get to share the kids clothes with family. i remember walking around with sofia in this cute coat.  now her cousin gets some use out of it and it looks good.

i adore my iPad mini.  i can take it anywhere.  get my email, calendar, internet (well if there is wi-fi) and ahem, play some solitaire while i am waiting in carpool.  coolest thing ever.

there's a lot going on all the time.  we are keeping up and trying to stay in the moment at the same time, enjoying as much as we can along the way.

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