Thursday, January 3, 2013

mile a day

i ran a mile a day from thanksgiving to new year's.
ok, i started the day after thanksgiving and i finished on new year's eve.
ok, i ran almost every day. skipped a few here and there due to illness and travel.
ok, sometimes i counted my walking.

the point is, i tried.
and for the most part i was successful.
i took on this challenge so that i could stay active during this very busy time of the year.  and it worked.  after a week of running everyday i couldn't stop.  the fact that i was only running a mile made it easier to fit into my day.  i mostly ran in our neighborhood.  one loop around 8 blocks, 10-11 minutes, 9 if i was feeling energetic.

i ran alone.
i ran/walked with others.

i ran in the rain.

i ran in the wind.

i hiked.

i walked in a parade.

i ran on the treadmill.

i ran first thing in the morning.

i ran at the end of the day.

i ran on vacation.

i ran just to take a photo.  this one was taken on 12/12/12.

but whatever the reason, i ran.  and i felt good.

i am planning to sign up for the santa barbara 1/2 marathon in may.  training starts on february 2.  then the hard work will begin.

next week, when the kids go back to school, i will start a more rigourous workout schedule that will include cycling, running, yoga and strength training.  i can feel the pounds from the holidays adding up and i need them off.

it was a fun challenge.  and i did it.

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