Wednesday, January 23, 2013

our weekend in photos

we went to kernville this past weekend to rack the wine.  didn't get any photos of the process. but it was tasted and it was good.  this year we are making a cabernet, and everyone is happy with the progress so far.

lunch was a buffet of meats and cheeses, rolls and crackers, chips and dip and of course wine and beer.

bobby and i spent one morning at the coffee shop in town.  he had to check emails and i had to post to the school website.  free internet, coffee and a croissant make for a nice morning date.

saturday morning was the information meeting for the training group.  yep, i'm doing the santa barbara 1/2 again this year and i'm so excited.  since i missed the meeting,  i decided to motivate myself with runner's world magazine. didn't have enough energy to actually go for a run but training doesn't start for two more weeks, so i should rest up now.

sunday the kids went on a snow quad ride. she was ready to go in her snow suit and fishtail braid.

we met up with the quad crew at the green horn grill for lunch, hot chocolate and some 49ers football.

anthony is now a mountain man. (and sofia is an expert photo bomber.)

sofia and i hung out by the creek on monday and did some rock hunting.  we love finding these heart shaped rocks.

bobby took off to to alta sierra for a beautiful morning of skiing. perfect weather, no crowds and fresh powder.  he was so happy!

we pass this store all the time on our way in and out of town.  since we left early on monday we decided to stop in and check it out.  it's an old fashioned candy store, cafe and market.  some really cool finds in there.

 like these from bobby's childhood.

yay for three day weekends in kernville.

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