Monday, January 7, 2013

weekly menu: week 2

totally inspired by this month's cooking light magazine. lots of goodness inside.
what happened to week 1?  a whole lot of eating out, leftovers and dinners with family.  it's been hard on our bellies and our wallets. but that's what vacations and holidays are all about. right?!

we are in desperate need of some home cooking for sure this week.

making this week:
monday: creamy chicken pasta, salad
tuesday: turkey lettuce wraps, edamame fried rice
wednesday: chicken and rice soup
thursday: broiled tilapia with garlic, rice pilaf, salad
friday: pizza

i almost want to stop putting the weekend on the list.  i'm not thinking about the weekend on mondays and our weekends tend to be unpredictable and busy.  it hardly ever works out that i cook.  we usually eat out or have dinner with family or celebrate something or scrounge.  i'll keep posting for a while, until i change my mind.
saturday: eat out
sunday: leftovers

see what i mean?

welcome back to normal this week.  and it looks to be a quiet month - fingers crossed.

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