Friday, March 30, 2012

spring break 2012

not sure what happened.  i completely lost my blog post.
so here it is again.

we are staying home for spring break.
no trips or getaways.
but also no school, no homework, no meetings, no baseball.
man, do we need this.
10 1/2 days of possibilities.

sleep in.
go to the discovery science center for the star wars exhibit.
video games.
have play dates.
spring clean our closets.
buy clothes.
go the movies - to see hunger games.
finish a book report.
work on a whirlygig.
take a day trip somewhere.
play games.
wash every bit of clothing.
do some gardening.
clean up the backyard.
put every bit of clothing away.
go to the dentist.

realistically we can't do it all, but we're gonna try.
and honestly if we spend all week in our pajamas, eating cereal and watching tv, i don't think anyone will complain.

looking forward to a much needed break.

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