Friday, March 16, 2012

i choose happiness

it's friday. my favorite day of the week.  for obvious reasons.  but also because friday has become my "day off".  no working out so my body can rest for the torture endurance of saturday morning training.

it's also the day i dedicate to doing something fun.  being creative, finding an adventure, hanging out with people that make me happy.

today, is going to be a mix of adventure, creativity and work.

the morning started off rough.  a flat tire, bad moods, lots of planning and business to take care of.  the time change has us all trying to readjust.  it's hard.  and we're tired.

i am working on costumes for the school musical.  21 royal cardsmen costumes for the chorus. thanks to marisol getting all of the shapes cut for me i am almost done.

i also have a blog post on the school's blog to finish.  and a bake sale to plan for.

bobby is working on a new video to show at the musical on sunday.  it came out so cool.  one of the parents at our school does voice over for a living and he did all of the lines for the video.  it sounds very theatrical and powerful.

andrew has a baseball game today after school and those can be a  bit stressful.  then he and jordan will be at rehearsal until 10pm.

tonight i am having dinner with my girlfriends who i haven't seen in a long time.  we worked together years ago and life has taken us in different directions.  i am so excited to spend the evening catching up and reconnecting with them.

the weekend will be all about alice in wonderland.  all day rehearsals, costume fittings, and then the show itself on sunday.  andrew is a bit cranky that his entire weekend will be spent away from home. but seeing him on stage will be exciting.

we will be pulled in different directions and we will have moods to deal with, but this is our life.  we work through, help each other out and get on with it.  with a little bit of yelling and crying mixed in. 

see you on the other side.

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Sarah said...

Have a great weekend, and a relaxing Friday. Love Alice in wonderland, my claim to fame was being Alice in 7th grade play!