Monday, March 12, 2012

weekly menu:: week 11

in the last few days i have eaten more of the things that i love than in the last year.  that's what birthdays are about right?  over indulging?  ok, maybe not.  but getting to try some of my favorite things was so fun.  sushi, licorice, tostada pizza from cpk, girl scout cookies, mexican food, even a donut.  i have a lot of calorie burning to do this week.  but it was worth every bite.

it's a new week and i'm back on track.

making this week:
tuesday: chicken milanesa, salad
wednesday: pork chops, green beans and sweet potatoes tots
thursday: spaghetti and turkey meatballs
friday: pizza
saturday: dinner with friends
sunday: leftovers

baking this week:
a friend emailed me a recipe for a healthy blueberry muffin.  i thought i would give that a try this week.

have a sweet week.

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