Friday, March 2, 2012

a {leap} day in the life

wow.  i had fun with this project.  i ended up using mostly my iphone to capture pictures throughout the day.  it was in my back pocket most of the day and ready to go.

nothing extra ordinary about this "bonus" day of the year.  but it's cool to have a snaphot (or 118 snapshots) of what this day looked like.  i especially loved any shot that had the date on it.

here we go:

wake up time.
getting lunches ready
school meeting at the bagel shop
2 - 35 minute runs.  i cheated and did my run on the treadmill.  but it was a great workout and i ran almost 6 miles.
a loving text, with the date.
after workout snack.
my blog post for the day.
showered, combed and ready for anything.
like doing dishes.
pick up time and things to drop off in the school office.  it's a busy time.
a cool surprise when we got home.  grandpa bob came by with sofia's new "pinked out" quad.
after school relaxing.
grandma sue was here today too. (we love that she helps us with the laundry when she's here.)
then homework time.
reading.  she read this whole book to grandma.  we've read it about 578 times in the last few days so it's hard to tell if she's reading or just has it memorized.  either way it's cool to see her reading a book from cover to cover.
feed the fish.
sign up for a class.
check twitter and facebook.
bath time.
full metal jousting time.
and laundry time.
reading and snuggling.
kids in bed.  time for snack and modern family.  the leap day episode was hilarious!!
ipad and knitting.
still working on that scarf.  don't judge. it's a very long scarf.
i asked bobby to capture a few things throughout his day.  love what he sent me.

his desk.
his workout.
a business meeting with his boss.
and batting cages with andrew.

i have to say that doing this with the iphone is what made it so easy.  i wasn't lugging my big camera around all day.  the pictures aren't perfect but i kinda love that.

i also kept a record of our day on paper.
i'm not sure what i will do with the images yet.   i am hoping to order some of these page protectors when they become available again.

i could pick out the best photos and include them here with the daily record sheets.  they would go straight into my project life album.

so glad i did this.  it will be cool to look at it over time.  a record of a {leap} day.

have a wonderful weekend.  we have the father and daughter dance, opening day for baseball, a get together with some friends and a picnic for sofia's class.  lots of happiness happening here.

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