Monday, April 2, 2012

weekly menu:: week 14

blogging on my new laptop.  and i couldn't have gotten it at a better time.  with the kids home for spring break the desktop will be in constant use.  now i have my own computer (that i share with bobby of course).  with my own bookmarks, wallpaper and organized desktop.  it took us 15 minutes to walk in to the apple store on saturday and walk out with the box in hand.  i will definitely put it to good use.

this week the plan is to not complicate dinner too much.  but i have some time to make things that take a little longer.  i also know that things may change this week.  we may be out and about and not make it home for dinner.  so i will account for that by throwing in a leftover day and a freezer meal just in case.

making this week:
tuesday: grilled pork chops, roasted potatoes, green beans
wednesday: black bean and cheese enchiladas, salad
thursday:  orange chicken, vegetable stir fry and rice
friday: grilled fish tacos, chips and salsa
saturday: leftovers
sunday: easter dinner

baking this week:
pita bread for dinner tonight.  looks like a simple recipe and would be fun to try with the kids.

we are working on our to do list and have gotten a lot accomplished already.  we may need to add more to the list.

happy easter week!

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