Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the great race:: 10k

i ran my first 10k.
i ran it with a personal minute mile best.
i finished.
i felt amazing.

that would be it in a nutshell.
feel free to stop here and ignore the rest of this post.
i won't mind.

but there's more to the story.
there always is with me.

let me set it up.

friday i was in anaheim for a music festival with the 3rd and 4th grade chorus.
then we went to disneyland with the kids.
we rode roller coasters (some twice) and ate chocolate covered pretzels and laughed and had a blast.
but we got home at 10:30 pm, exhausted and hoping that i was not going to catch a cold.

i got up at 5 am on saturday to cold and mist.
i changed my outfit twice (and later regretted my choice).
i barely ate breakfast.
and off i went.

i carpooled with some of my training buddies which was nice.
we got there in plenty of time to pick up our bibs and get warmed up.
i was excited and ready to go.
before the race i noticed i was the only one not wearing compression pants.  they're supposed to offer more support on your legs.  runners around me were decked out with their watches, their hats, energy drinks.  i was just happy i got up in time.

the announcer told us that this is a challenging course with two hills in mile 4 & 5 so we should "leave something in the tank" for that.
the start was on a downhill and i tried to not let it get away from me.  but the first mile marker took forever.  i was on a good stride, i was listening to music and i was happy.  i may have teared up once or twice at the thought of doing this race.

mile 2 was a little tougher.  not because of the course but because i was regretting my clothing choice and my earphones kept falling out and i was doubting my ability.  my toe starting hurting and i had negative thoughts running through my mind - mainly that i was barely on mile two.  but what was interesting is that it was my best minute mile of the run.

mile 3 was beautiful.  the trail ran through neighborhoods with horses and beautiful scenery.  people were sitting outside their homes cheering us on.  it was then that i realized how perfect the weather was.  and i felt strong.  the course was hilly but nothing we hadn't already done in training.  i really wanted to stop and take a picture but i couldn't do it.

mile 4 was tough.  a nice hill, steep but not long.  i pushed through and ran it slowly, quads burning but they held up.  i am really going to do this.

mile 5 was the toughest.  i loved the guy who was blaring the chariots of fire theme from his house.  that made me smile.  but it had a very steep hill that i had to walk.  at this point i could see one of the ladies that i carpooled with.  i followed her pink sweatshirt up the hill  and crept closer and closer until i passed her.  we went on a dirt trail with a slight incline.  a lady was at the top of the hill saying, "just make it to the top and you will be able to see the finish line."

i did.  and then i had a surge of energy.  i ran past the crowds lining the streets.  past the cowbells and cheers.  i ran faster than i have ever run before.  and i crossed the finish line with energy to spare.  and i wished bobby and the kids were there.  but i was so happy.

i met up with the pink sweatshirt lady and we got our medals and congratulated each other.  then we found the rest of our group and got a picture.

it was an amazing experience.  my official time was 1:06:28.7.  my goal was 1:12, not bad.  but definitely room for improvement.  next time i'll get more rest and be better prepared.

another one to cross off the list.  next stop the 1/2 marathon.  but before that i have a lot more running to do.

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Jen said...

You did great! I'm running a 10k in Simi next month if you're interested! :)