Monday, March 19, 2012

weekly menu:: week 12

banana egg rolls with coconut ice cream from pf changs
i have to admit that i put about 5 minutes of thought into what i am making this week.  it's been a very long week, and an even longer weekend.

the kids had their alice in wonderland jr. performances yesterday, with rehearsals all day saturday and after school on friday.  they were amazing.  everyone involved in the production doing costumes, make up, singing, did an outstanding job.
andrew played the mini white rabbit and one of the royal cardsmen.  he was nervous that morning but when he got on stage he really turned it on.
jordan worked in the lighting booth along with his friend ryan and did the spot lights for the show.  they were spot on - literally.

i worked backstage for the first show and then got to enjoy the second show in my seat.  this morning everyone was tired.  but we had to move on with the day, and our week.

i expect my menu will change as the week goes on.

making this week:
monday: turkey albonigas soup
wednesday: chicken and rice
thursday: hummus and avocado wraps, kettle chips
friday: we will be all over the place so no plans for dinner
saturday: dinner and birthday parties
sunday: eat out

baking this week:
no thoughts yet.  let's see how the week goes.

wishing you a great week as we enter into spring.  i'll be singing "a very merry unbirthday" all day long.

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