Friday, March 23, 2012

happy list:: 06

the happy list

tomorrow i will participate in the agoura great race.  i am running the 10k and i am so excited.  i have been logging in the miles so i feel confident and strong.  looking forward to seeing the work pay off.  here's some running related things that are making me happy.

1.  spenco polysorb crosstrainer insoles
i am in need of new shoes but don't have the cash to spend right now.  my trainer suggested getting new insoles to get me through until i get new shoes.  i found them yesterday at big 5 and ran 6 miles with them.  they make a huge difference.  the support and cushion feels great.  looking forward to testing them out on the trail.
2. new music
lately my playlist has run out before my run has.  so i've added some new music to keep it fresh.  2 of my favorites: stronger by kelly clarkson and we are young by fun..  but when i hear pain by jimmy eat world it gives me such energy.  that one will stay on my list forever.
3.  run keeper
i love looking at this app and seeing how far i ran, how long i ran and what my average minute mile was.  if i tap it while i'm running it will give me my stats through my headphones.  that can be handy   i know there are a lot of good running apps out there.  if you use one you love let me know.

4. feeling calm
i know the excitement and the adrenaline of race day will get to me.  but compared to my first race, this time i feel calm and ready to go.  i have goals, secret goals.  not ones that i want to speak out loud for fear of disappointment.  i have a time goal and a run/walk goal.  the hardest part is not being familiar with the course.  having to pace myself because i don't know what could be around the corner.  but there is no pressure.

5. training
i ran 7.2 miles on wednesday which is one mile further than a 10k. we've run up hills and down.  we ran when the wind nearly stopped us in our tacks.  i ran in the rain last saturday.  i feel so strong and dare i say unstoppable?  i think i just did.  looking forward to the challenge and the reward.

have an amazing weekend.


Sarah said...

Good luck in your race! I love my nike + app... you can listen to music or without, they have coaches and guest speakers to congratulate you, it has a gps, logs miles, times, routes, etc. etc. You can program it for a basic run or a specific racing distance. Its a good one!

Jennifer said...

Good luck in your race! You will be excellent! Too bad I don't have any runners advice to share...