Thursday, March 22, 2012

currents: march 22

time: 8:34 am
place: home
eating: an english muffin with peanut butter and banana.
drinking: coffee with creme brulee creamer.
feeling: a bit nervous or excited - at this point i can't tell which - about my 10k on saturday.
reading: mockingjay - the third book in the hunger game series.
thinking: about seeing the movie this weekend.
creating: a mess.
hoping: to clean it all up today.
needing: to get insoles for my running shoes, hopefully before the race on saturday.
wishing: that the last hill will be easy.

having a rare morning off. bobby took the kids to school today and i skipped zumba to get one more run in.  tomorrow i head to disneyland with the 3rd and 4th grade chorus for a music festival.  that's always fun.  

thanks everyone for your thoughts and comments on my post about jordan.  he read it and was touched.  i think it's important to say that tics are very common, especially in boys.  and i have spoken to other moms who are watching their children go through some of the same things we did.  it's reassuring to hear that it gets better, and can eventually disappear.  and to be honest, the moment we accepted it and took the pressure and focus off of it, it did get better.  right now jordan is free of any motor tics, although the mere mention of it gives him the urge.

thanks to those that have sponsored me in my run.  i feel like i will be running with so much support.  i can take donations up until the race so you have time if you are interested.  don't worry some of you will be getting an email from me soon bugging you about it.  

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