Wednesday, February 1, 2012

on goals in 2012

is when what you think,
what you say,
and what you do
are in HARMONY.

so it's been a bit of a mess around here lately.  working on so many things at the same time while still trying to maintain a somewhat decent household, having clothes for the kids to wear to school every morning (notice how i didn't say clean clothes), and providing something for us to eat everyday.  it's a juggling act for sure.

but the mission project was delivered, and he is so proud of it.  the meetings are getting a little easier.  the gala is just 2 weeks away.  and baseball hasn't gone full time yet.  we are surviving.

i wanted to share a little bit about goals for this year.

i decided last year that although setting goals at the beginning of the month was a great challenge and i looked forward to it, it did make me feel a bit foolish at the end of the month.  maybe a bit defeated.  it's hard to set new goals when you don't feel like you've accomplished the goals you set in the past.  does that make sense?

i didn't beat myself up for not accomplishing them, and i did do a lot last year, but i didn't find setting the goals as fulfilling as i thought i  would.

i don't want to focus on the things that i didn't do.  instead i want to focus on the things that i did do.

so this year i simply asked myself this question...
at the end of the year what do i want to have accomplished that will make me happy?

here's what i came up with:
1. that i read more.  i'm a slow reader and that's ok.  i just don't want to make it an occasional thing i do.  i want to read more often, more regularly.  i'm working on the hunger game series right now and i'm addicted. so reading is easy.  putting the book down is more of a problem.

2. that i put things in order.  ugh.  this is a hard one.  clean closets, drawers, purging unwanted and unneeded items, going clutterless, maybe not free, but less.  we've been working on it.  part of the task is not just getting rid of stuff but maintaining it that way.

3. that i challenged myself physically.  i've been consistently going to the gym since september and i feel great.  as a result i've lost some weight and feel strong.  but i've been doing the same program.  zumba, yoga, cycling, running.  i love it all and i don't want to lose any of that but i do want to change it up.  i started going to a new cycling instructor that i love.  that change was enough to make it exciting and challenging.  i committed myself to training for a half marathon in may.  i may regret putting this out there so publicly, no backing out right?  but it's something i've always wanted to do and even if i only do it once in my life i'm crossing it off my todo list this year.  it will be in may in santa ynez.  nervous and excited to take this new challenge on.

4. that i explored other creative avenues.  photography and paper arts are my passion.  but i want to sew something, paint something, build something.  one of the things i have always wanted to do is learn how to knit.  so last week i bought a skein of yarn and two needles and i sat with the ipad to look up videos on you tube and i taught myself to knit.  basic garter stitch and i'm working on a scarf so nothing fancy.  it's turning out kind of wonky, but i love it.  everything about it.  watching the scarf grow, learning from stitch to stitch and row to row.  no thoughts of knitting a sweater, but you never know.

5. that i dealt with stuff right away.  not letting things fester.  not letting things go past their due date.  being on top of projects and appointments and time sensitive material.  i'm not looking forward to this but i really want to change in this area.  i find that it lifts a huge weight off my shoulders. done and move on.

6. that my blog grew.  not so much in readers or members, although that would be nice.  i'm ready to grow this into something more meaningful, more creative, more valuable, more emotional.  this blog has always been a personal project for me.  an exercise in writing and photography.  i want my blog to reflect the growth that we as a family have had and that i personally have had. if i add a few more subscribers because of that, well that would make me happy too.

i expect my list to change.  i know i will add things. and that is exciting.  it's a work in progress.

happy february.

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Christine said...

I love that. I set some goals for myself. I like setting goals, well, in my personal life. Not at work. LOL I told myself I will take one trip this year outside of Tucson. I have some friends that want to go to Bisbee. Nope, I want to go somewhere I've never been. Like the Grand Canyon. On your clutter subject. Have you ever read the book, How to clear your clutter with Feng Shui? It's very good. You will accomplish two goals there. Reading and clutter. After I read that, honey child I go to town. I have boxes for The White Elephant packed and ready to go! Keep up the great blogging. Christine (Beth's friend)