Thursday, February 16, 2012

valentine's day recap

sorry for disappearing on you.  i am multi-tasking and not getting much done.  trying to focus on one thing at a time, finish and move on to the next.  the problem is that things are taking longer than i have time to give.

but the good news is that things are exciting around here.  new projects, new responsibilities.  it's keeping me busy for sure.

so going back to valentine's day.  we celebrated all day long.
a nice cup of coffee after my yoga class.  i loved the starbucks cups this year.  makes for a pretty picture.
came home to a clean house, thanks to our once a month housekeeper, and this beautiful orchid from bobby.  he knows i'm not a fan of roses on valentine's day.  this was the perfect gift.
then it was shower, a quick snack and off to sofia's class for a valentine celebration.
the kids made rice krispie treat stars and dumped icing, sprinkles and more icing on it.  they played valentine bingo, and made a craft.
i popped into andrew's class to see how the 4th grade celebrates.  they passed out their cards and had a treat.  there was a lot of energy in this class.  probably the result of lots of sugar.
after school we went to sofia's bff's house to drop off her card and chat with my friend for a bit.  i love seeing these two together.

then it was home to make dinner.  we never go out on valentine's day.  it's too much work.  and i love making dinner for them.  it's my gift of love to my family.
chicken piccata, mac and cheese and roasted vegetables.
and for dessert, brownie parfait.

the kids opened cards, and little gifts and then it was time for bed.  for everybody.  these last few days weeks have taken away all of my energy.

hope your valentine's celebration was sweet.

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