Thursday, February 23, 2012

our weekend in iphone photos

this past weekend we took advantage of three days off and a bit of snow on the ground and we went up to kernville with bobby's dad and step mom.  our hope was to get the kids to the snow for some skiing and snowball fights.  no skiing, but we ended up with a relaxing weekend and a whole bunch of iphone photos to share.

before we headed up on saturday i went to my training and andrew went to baseball practice.  bobby and i also got our school's new blog up and running.  it was nerve racking to put it out there but we are so excited about the future of our school.  you can visit the site here.

bobby made the video.  did you recognize the voices?

then we packed the car and headed to our first destination

something to keep us awake for the drive.

we left around sunset and the view was breathtaking.
we got to kernville just in time for dinner.

i am not ashamed to admit that i had a bbq pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw, baked beans and a glass of merlot.  ok i am feeling a little guilty when i put it that way.

i fell asleep on the couch.  the mountain air does that to me.

in the morning we had pancakes.

then it was time to go to the snow.  the cold, cold snow, where it's windy, and damp and cold.  so, bobby took the kids

and i stayed home to knit (still knitting that same scarf)

and sit by the fire

and read (still reading that same book)

the kids came home and played.  building forts
and words

bobby did some work and we checked the blog stats to see how it was going.

dinner from the chinese restaurant in town and another glass of wine. 

i know it looks like we drink a lot when we're up here but we don't.
i guess it depends on your definition of a lot.

some bedtime reading.

on monday we woke up to breakfast burritos and coffee.  at least i didn't have wine with breakfast.
we took a walk to the creek that runs through their backyard.

this is the foundation of the new wine barn.  we'll be making wine here next year.

bobby took the kids to the track to ride their quads.  i decided to head to town for some internet service at the coffee shop.
unfortunately when i got there they told me that they no longer have internet service. so it was me, a hot chocolate and a calendar.

a quick walk through the craft fair.
and then i forced myself to do my 50 minute monday run.
can you tell how steep it is in the picture?  i went up and down this hill twice, to the church, to the zumba place (i just discovered that and may have to take a class the next time we visit), and back home.  i was pooped and ready for some... not wine, water.

the kids came home and we took showers, ate a little something and played with the iphone camera some more.

then we packed our stuff and the kids in the car and came home.  

i was hoping to accomplish one of two goals for the weekend.  to finish my book or to finish my scarf.  i didn't do either but i did make significant progress on both.  combine that with relaxing, enjoying time with people we love, eating well and an occasional glass of wine (or 2) and we call that the perfect weekend.


Sarah said...

What a great weekend. I love the school blog and video (it made me want to be part of your amazing school)! Bananagrams - beers - wine - snow... sounds like my kind of place.

bobby said...

Fantastic post, fantastic weekend, but - ARGH! I did not get any pics from the track! Next time, I promise.