Monday, February 13, 2012

weekly menu:: week 7

this weekend flew by.  we had a great time at our school's gala on saturday night.   bobby and i turned it into a little getaway by staying at the hotel overnight.  we were just across town but it was nice not to have to drive home at 12:30 am.

looking ahead to this week of basketball games, baseball practice, valentine's day, and more school meetings.  i have a feeling the week will go by quickly as well.

making this week:
tuesday: chicken piccata, roasted vegetables and brownie parfaits
wednesday: stuffed shells, salad
thursday: chicken tostadas
friday: pizza
saturday: leftovers
sunday: eat out

baking this week:
well, i'm making brownies for dinner tomorrow night, probably just a box mix.  and we have a pto meeting on wednesday so i was thinking about this blueberry orange muffin.  i've been slacking on my school hospitality duties lately.  hoping to win them over.

loving the wet weather today.   hoping for some snow in the mountains. the kids want to ski and snowboard.  and by kids i mean bobby.  so keep the rain coming.

have a great week.

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