Thursday, February 9, 2012

sweets:: cookies

this weekend i made two batches of cookies for a friend's get together.  i had most of the ingredients on hand so these were easy to pull together at the last minute.

oatmeal toffee cookies
i knew i wanted something that was "healthier" and i am a sucker for anything toffee.  found this recipe on the cooking light website.  they were thin, and crispy with just the right amount of sweetness.  i should have made 2 batches, they went so fast.

ultimate chocolate chip cookies
then i went with a traditional chocolate chip cookie that came out so good.  i cooked them just past done to give them a crisper texture.  i like crispy over chewy and underdone.  basic recipe but who doesn't love a great chocolate chip cookie.

speaking of sweets, saturday we celebrated a friend's birthday at a local italian restaurant.  after dinner we went to henry's hat on ventura for dessert, a strawberry and basil gimlet and a friendly game of yahtzee.
we ordered the s'mores.  everyone got to put together their own little treat and roast marshmallows right at the table.  we are definitely coming back to try the warm chocolate and nutella bread pudding!  can't wait.

have a sweet day!

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