Friday, February 24, 2012

happy list:: 05

the happy list

1. rubio's fish tacos
i only eat them during lent.  on ash wednesday after church my sister-in-law and i went to rubios for a couple of these tacos. they are sooo good.  crispy, breaded fish, delicious corn tortilla, white sauce, cabbage. even though i couldn't eat meat it didn't feel like i was sacrificing anything.

2. new music
cage the elephant "ain't no rest for the wicked" - jordan bought this song last week and played it over and over...and over.  kind of love it.
gotye - who doesn't love "somebody that you used to know?" it's getting a little overplayed on the radio but we still love the new sound.
coldplay + rihanna - "princess of china" still enjoying this album, and this song is perfection.

3. the great race agoura - 10k
on march 24.  this is the race that i did last year but as a 5k.  a few people from our training group are doing this race as a halfway point in training.  i'm glad that i get to do a longer race before the half marathon in may.  it will give me confidence and experience.

4. peanut butter powerbars
omg!  these are my favorite things right now.  please don't tell me that they are high in sugar and empty calories.  i don't want to hear it.  i just want to enjoy this before my run on saturdays and hope that i burn it off.

5. martha stewart at staples
have you seen the martha stewart line at staples?  what? you don't wander the aisles of the office supply store every week?  well, i love this line.  super cute labels, folders and organizational items.  i especially love the mini binder, dividers and calendar pages.  no need for them though but as soon as i figure one out i will be getting them.  i'm using some of the labels in my project life book.

just a few things making me happy as february comes to an end.

oh and an invitation.  next wednesday is february 29 - leap day.  a few weeks ago ali edwards did a day in the life documentation.  i was going to do it but ended up forgetting about it until it was too late.  but wouldn't it be cool to document leap day?  i think so.  i'll be using the same concept and tools that ali did.  if you want to join in that would be so fun.  check out what ali did, simple, everyday, moments of life.  i'll share the photos and stories soon after.  are you in?

have a good weekend.

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