Friday, February 3, 2012

happy list:: 04

it's time for another one.

the happy list
1. our new "mantle"
we don't have a fireplace but we did put up a shelf over the tv to decorate.  this month it's all about valentine's day.  items from target $ bin and ralph's supermarket.  it's just missing a big bouquet of flowers in the middle...

2. jordan's first free throw
ever.  had to get a picture of that.  i thought about keeping you guessing if the ball went in the basket but i figured the grandparents would want to know. it didn't.  but it was close.

3. perfectly imperfect
i'm getting the hang of it.  making lots of mistakes.  i took it all apart once already.  now i'm just going with it trying to even out my knitting with each row.  love this yarn and my bamboo needles.  i'm already making plans to try an infinity scarf.  maybe something like this.

4. fantasy football plaque
my plate came in just in time for the game on sunday.  do you mind if i bring it to the superbowl party?

5. fossil camera wallet
what?! yes, please and thank you!

have a great weekend. 


Mackenzie said...

I should take one of my old dance trophies and make it into the runner-up trophy for fantasy football. :)

And I would totally bring it to the party if I were you!

Sandy said...

Great List, Betty! Love the scarf and the color you picked. It looks great! And the wallet...OMG!! And yes, take your trophy!! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

yes take your trophy! Loved the free throw and the scarf and the wallet!

Melissa said...

Oooooo, I hadn't seen the plaque yet! It is beautiful! Put that thing on the mantle! :)

Sarah said...

Whoaa... whoa - hold on... there is a plaque?! How did I not sign up. I'm soooo in for next year.