Thursday, September 29, 2011

never say never

a month ago i said i would never spend 2 hours at the gym.
every monday i'm doing that.

a month ago i said i could never make it through a cycling class.
yesterday i made it through my first one.

a month ago i thought i would hate to be in a packed room of women sweating and looking uncoordinated.
every thursday you can find me dancing zumba like a fool.

a month ago i was making every excuse not to get to the gym.
now, i plan my day around it.

it's part of my life now.  the crazy thing is that i really enjoy it.  i've been a gym member on and off my entire life.  the best was when i worked on the paramount lot and i was able to get a free membership.  i would make it to the gym everyday, no matter what.  and sometimes i would work out next to denzel washington. no wonder i was there everyday, right?

then there was the gym in my office building that i would go to everyday at 6am, shower and head to work.  i had a trainer and would work out with my co-workers.  that kept me motivated and it was a great way to start the day.

over the years i've done kick boxing, step classes, stair climbers, cross trainers, yoga and even the occasional swimming.  in january i started running and ran a 5K in march.  after the race i took a break to "let me ankle heal" and until now, haven't run much since.  the thought of a half-marathon is still in the back of my mind.  the far back of my mind.

i know it's a committment.
i know it's important for my health and well being.
i know it's important for me.

the great thing is that the ymca where i go now is on my way home from the kids' school.  i can drop them off, go to the gym and then home to shower and get on with my day.

i love how i feel, during and after.  i love how strong i feel.  i love how committed i am.
my focus is on staying on this routine for as long as i can.  hopefully working it out so that even if the kids have a day off i can still work out in some way.  it's possible.  i know that now.

here's to staying motivated and getting strong.

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