Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the day before

we're home from san diego.
we're rested from our massages.
we're so thankful for your comments of love.

we have kindergarten orientation this morning.
we have back to school picnic tonight.
and in between we will be grocery shopping, packing backpacks, loading books and trying to enjoy the last day of summer.

tomorrow it's back to the routine.
no more tv or video games.
no more sleeping in and staying up late.
it's homework and pto meetings and sports and birthday parties.
but we're all ready for it.

i asked sofia is she was excited about starting school tomorrow.
she said "i'm a little excited and a little nervous."
that would describe my feelings too.


Gaby said...
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Gaby said...

So again, my routine will be that you drop her off at one door and I pick her up ten seconds later from the other door, right? I'm a little excited and nervous, too. But it's gonna be great!

Beannie said...

Nooooooo!!!! Don't let the summer end!!!!