Friday, September 2, 2011

in 17 years

tomorrow we celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary.  here are a few things we've learned.

we have learned which fights are worth fighting and which ones to let go of.

we have discovered that life is so much more special because we have each other.

we have struggled and triumphed.

we have gone from a small family of 2 to a "big" family of 5.

we cherish our time together and our time apart.

we accept the injuries, set backs and hard work of doing what we enjoy.

we believe that prayer and faith can get us through anything.

we appreciate the stolen moments and stolen glances.

we have traveled and discovered and adventured together.

we have fine tuned our priorities and stay focused on the things that matter.

we've cheered each other on and picked each other up.

we respect each other's hobbies, interests and time wasters.

we have laughed more than we ever thought possible.

and we have struggled more than we ever thought possible.

we have worked through so much.

we take over when the other is at the end of their rope.

and we have learned to let go.

we are strong individually, but we are unbreakable together.

we are open and honest.

we trust in what we have built.

we get it.

we are grateful.

i love him.

and he loves me.

have a lovely weekend.


Mackenzie said...

Happy anniversary! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a beautiful tribute to your marriage! Love Mom

Patty Camacho Bissey said...

Elegantly said. Congrat's to a wonderful life and couple. Love you Prima. Patty.

Melissa said...

Congrats! Love you guys. You have always been and continue to be my role models both as a couple and as parents.

Gaby said...

It's been an amazing 17 years. You both have worked hard and lovingly to build what you now have. And the happiness and love that you enjoy is well-deserved. I love you both and wish you the happiest anniversary you could possibly have!