Tuesday, September 20, 2011

for love and community

friday our school honored the first responders, fire fighters, police officers and paramedics of our community. our school was in the center of the chatsworth metrolink accident a few years ago.  the sports field was used as the triage area, and some of our teachers and parents were the first to get to the victims when it happened.  a few weeks later there were fires that got a little too close to the school and the fire fighters were there once again to help us through.

every year since 2008 we have held a rememberance ceremony to honor the heroes of our community.  they do so much for us and this is one way of saying thank you.  the kids sang songs and gave them cards that each student had made.  it was touching when they sang a hero thank you and waved their flags.
saturday we were back at school for a community project as part of save chatsworth.  our art teacher  designed the mural to be displayed in various areas throughout the community.  the middle school students will do the actual painting but we went on saturday for a priming party.
you can read an article here and see pictures of jordan and sofia.
finally on sunday we headed out to laguna beach for a wedding.  it was an absolutely beautiful day.  and we were so happy to see aunts, cousins, and babies gathered together for another family wedding.  this one marked wedding number 3 for us this year with one more in november and 2 more next year.

the wedding ceremony took place on the beach of the laguna hotel.  it was so cool to listen to the waves as the vows were read and to have our toes in the sand.
then we walked over to the reception in the hotel.  we had appetizers, filled our bags with candy and checked on the football scores.
by the end of the reception the kids had pulled up their pants and dresses and were playing in the water.  it was such a beautiful sunday afternoon.

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