Friday, September 9, 2011

i will never forget...

...where i was on september 11, 2001.  it was 2 days after a road trip.  the phone rang in the early morning. jordan was 2 and sleeping in his room.  i got to the phone just as the answering machine picked up.  it recorded the first few minutes of my conversation with bobby (it stayed on our machine for a few years).  he was at the gym and saw the news on tv.  he called to tell me about the airplanes crashing into the world trade center.  i was in disbelief.  i was saddened.  i was scared.

that's what i remember most about that time.  feeling scared.  feeling like we weren't safe.

i watched hours and hours of news coverage over the next few days.  i laid in bed with bobby and cried. it was devastating and depressing. i hurt so much for the families, for the kids, for our nation.  a few days later i found out i was pregnant with andrew...

at my first dr.'s appointment, she asked how i was doing with the news.  i told her that the joy of being pregnant was what was getting me through.  it was hopeful and filled with love and made me happy.  i never felt saddened that i was bringing a baby into the world amidst this dark time. i believed that my children would make a difference in this world.  i had to believe that, and i believe it even more now.  we are bringing up children that care about the world.  that have compassion for people.  that do what they can to help.  big or small.

that got me through.  that made me realize the good in the world.

i actually liked the mood over the next few days here.  people were friendly and helpful.  there was support for one another.  we all shared something in common.  that moment.  yes, we were all scared.  we were all victims of the same tragedy.  and now there was a bond.  a camaraderie of some sort.  i felt united.

i will never forget that day.  i will never forget the lives lost.  we will continue to pray for the families, the soldiers and our country.  on sunday i will kiss and hug my children and be thankful for what we have.

wishing everyone a peaceful weekend.

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