Thursday, September 8, 2011

hi. my name is sofia and i like nothing.

introduced herself to her classmates like that yesterday.  i'm not sure if she was nervous or trying to be funny.  her favorite part about her first day of school was "going to the bathroom."  she said everyone was nice to her.  she made a friend and for homework she drew a picture of her family.  today, she wants me to pick her up at carpool and not walk up.

she is familiar with the school, the teachers and some of the kids,  so the transition was easy.  it is still hard for me to believe that my little girl is going to school already.  but her confidence and excitement made me feel so comfortable.

is missing his best friend but had a great day.  he only has 2 more years of middle school.  we'll be touring some high schools this year to get an idea of what's out there.  he will be taking mock trail again this quarter.  excited to see how that goes.  i think in some ways he's still holding on to his childhood.  i'm not sure that he's ready to let himself grow up.  but when i saw him with his friends yesterday i knew that this will be that year.  i hope we are both ready to move into teenage-hood.

was so happy to be reunited with his friends.  the 3 amigos are back together.  he couldn't find his lunch, so he bought one from the cafeteria, and then afterwards found his lunch in his backpack.  pretty typical of him.  he's really excited about his cha bucks, a rewards system for his class.  today  he had to bring in pictures of things he likes to do; baseball, rafting and skiing.  he has a book report due in 3 weeks.  getting right back into the swing of things.

the day went super fast.  bobby was home so we did drop off and pick up together.  i was excited to go to sprouts which opened in our neighborhood yesterday and then left because there were too many people and the lines were too long.   bobby and i had lunch, and then it was time to pick them up.  today should be more of a regular day for me.  cleaning, more school clothes shopping and getting organized.  and i'll try to find a new rhythm.

everyone had a great day. everyone was excited to go back today.  that makes me happy.  we'll see if the excitement continues next week.

happy thursday everyone.  

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Anonymous said...

Hi. my name is Tito and I like Sofia, Jordan, Andrew, Nena and Bobby.
I am very, very proud of aaaaaaaaaallllllll of you.

I love you!