Thursday, September 15, 2011

all that time

the question i find myself answering a lot these days is "what are you doing with all that time?"  the kids are in school from 8-3 everyday.  there is potential for a lot to be accomplished.

this isn't the first time that i've had all three in school but the time was a lot shorter and it was broken up by drop-offs and pick-ups.  sprinkle in the field trips, pto meetings, snack mom duties and other responsibilities for 2 schools and that doesn't leave much time for anything else.

it's great to have them all in one school.  one route. one set of responsibilities, although divided equally between each child.  it definitely gives me time to do...something.

on monday i went to 4 grocery stores.  and took my time at each.  getting exactly what i needed.  even comparing prices.  then home to shower and have lunch.  did i mention the 90 minutes i put in at the gym that morning?

friday i went to the movies to see the help.  bobby didn't want to see it.  so i knew i'd have to catch it on my own. i loved it by the way.  i am a huge fan of the book and the movie stayed true.  i did feel a little guilty though.  it seemed like an indulgence to go to a movie when the rest of my family is working and learning.  but i didn't say i'd never do it again.  sarah jessica parker movie next week anyone?

yesterday it was a halloween carnival meeting and then a dentist appointment.  then laundry and working on pto stuff.

it really feels like time just goes by.  whether you have more of it or not.  stuff still needs to get done.  it feels like i have more time, but it also feels like i have more things to fill it with.

the biggest change is that i don't feel so rushed.  i'm not running to the store dropping things off at home, unpacking the cold stuff and putting it away, before making it to pick up on time.

i can breathe a little.  i can take my time a little.  i can slow down.

cause after i pick up the kids it's chaos.  swim practice, homework, papers, dinner, getting ready for the next day.

at night i tend to focus on all the things i haven't done yet.  cleaning out sofia's toys, packing up the kids' old clothes and taking them to goodwill, working on a fun scrapbook project.

is there ever enough time?

i know it's not realistic to think that in 1 week i'd be able to get the whole house organized and spotless, get a head start on dinner everyday, have an hour for some creative time everyday, and make it to the gym.

i'm trying to balance the things i have to do, the things i want to do and the things others need me to do.  but aren't we all.

maybe having some breathing room in my life is what i need right now.  breathing will lead to balance.  balance will lead to clarity and then i will have it all figured out.

just in time for the thanksgiving break.

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