Friday, September 23, 2011

five on friday:: fall favorites

today is the first day of fall or autumn.  or in california just a milder summer.  it is my favorite season.  i love the crisp air.  the light wind.  the changing colors.  i'm a fan of fall.

and i've been thinking about fall for a while.  even when the weather was 105 degrees, i was thinking about sweaters and boots and pumpkin lattes.  so here we are.  maybe not ready to use any of these but definitely ready to start building up the fall wardrobe.

on my list:

1. skinny jeans.
from old navy

am i late to the party? yeah.  but that's ok.  do i need another pair of jeans?  heck no.  but i could use an update.  dark, slim, perfect for boots.  i'm getting a pair.

2. cream sweater
from jcrew

this is the one must have item for me.  i love a good sweater.  i'm cold all the time.  and i've worn out the ones that i have so it's time for a new one.  and this color, it will go with everything.  so expect to see me in something like this all the time.

3. boots
from nordstroms

brown. flat. calf length. with a pair of jeans. with a skirt. with a dress. that is all.

4. autumn song necklace
from lisa leonard
i've been drooling over lisa leonard's designs for a long time.  but i've never ordered one. this one took me over the edge.  the leaf.  the little stones.  you can see a better picture here.  LOVE it.  and i love this one too.

5. tony bennett duets II
from target

picking this one up today.  i'm sure i'll be playing it over and over.  i might even sing to it. this music makes me think of sitting by the fire, drinking a glass of wine and just relaxing.  or playing it at thanksgiving while the turkey is roasting, drinking a glass of wine and not relaxing.  either way this will be the soundtrack of my fall.

care to add to my list?  i'd love some suggestions.

i'm off to get a pumpkin latte, an iced one. have a warm autumn weekend.

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