Friday, September 16, 2011

five on friday:: for the home

one of the things i've been thinking about doing with "all that time" is decorating a bit around the house.  i've always had a fear of decorating.  not sure what goes with what.  color combinations.  and what style i really want.

i've been keeping a board on pinterest called "for the home."  i like to pin designs that make me happy.  some of them are for my dream home but there is no reason i can't incorporate that into our current home.

here are five things i have in mind.

1.  a mantle
the thing is we don't have a fireplace.  but this would look great over our tv in the living room.  it is a great space to decorate for the season but i love this look for year round.  i see us making this happen, and soon.

2. for the kids' bathroom
we remodeled the bathrooms when sofia was born and they are in need of a little uplift.  this would be so cute along one of the walls with a towel hook for each one.

3. photo gallery
i love this idea but maybe on a smaller scale.  we don't have a wall this big to do something like that.  but i'm thinking in one of our hallways with 4x6 photos and 8x10 frames could work.

4. backsplash
we have a buffet in our kitchen that is a workspace.  i want to add an interesting backsplash to give it a little something special.  i'm a huge fan of subway tile and this is just perfect for that area.  let's forget the fact that it doesn't go with the other tile already in the kitchen.

Source: via Jordan on Pinterest

5.  our bedroom
we recently moved into the smallest room in the house.  and that's all we've done.  i'm thinking of going with a white bedspread and adding color with pillows, throws and decor.  it seems to be the most versatile way to go.  and i love the clean look.

we won't be starting any of these projects this weekend.  we have a school project to do and a wedding to go to. so i'll keep looking for inspiration until the time is right.

you can check out all of my pinterest boards here.

happy weekend.


Nancy said...

I love them all! We have a fireplace, but it's so ugly -- I would love a lighter, cleaner look like that. Great ideas!

Anonymous said...

They are all great ideas!! And so clean and crisp looking. I think you could easily do the master bedroom one! Love Sue