Thursday, September 1, 2011

hello september

summer is over!

summer is over?

summer is over...

a mix of emotions at our house.  excited, nervous, sad.

we love summer.
the lazy days.
the pajama days.
being together with nothing to do.
no due dates.
no real responsibility.
just fun.

next week is going to be hard for all of us.
getting used to a new routine.
some stress and pressure.
but also nice to have some structure back.
it's good for us.  for all of us.

so it's been a while since i set some goals.
september seems to be the right place to start.

:: learn something new everyday ::
actually, that's the name of the online scrapbook class i'm taking this month.  i'm kind of excited because i know that september will be a time of learning for me.  all 3 kids in school.  managing my time and tasks.  doing some of those things i've been putting off all summer.  i plan on learning a lot.  this class will help me document those big and little moments.

:: explore ::
with learning comes exploring.  i have a huge list of places and things i've been wanting to see and do.  now i will have a bit more time to do them.  i want to go on an adventure, big or small, local or far.  i'm aiming for once a week but i'll take what i can get.  and then of course i will write about it here.

:: bake something every week ::
simple muffins or bread or cookies.  but make it a weekly routine.  i've got lots of recipes to try out.

:: diy home projects ::
i have a few bookmarked that i want to do.  and how lucky am i that a new home goods is opening up in my neighborhood.  and it's right by the hardware store and a michael's.  a one stop shopping experience. the hardest part is going to be deciding what i want to do first.

:: take a breath ::
my days will be a little more quiet.  i will have a little more time on my hands.  i have commitments to school and sports.  but my days will go from trying to entertain 3 kids all day long, to being by myself for the majority of the day.  i'm really hoping to take some time everyday to breathe deep.

i know some of you have started school already.  any tips you want to pass along?

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