Sunday, July 31, 2011

week in the life:: saturday

i was not feeling well all morning.  so i didn't get many pictures today.

i got up late, said goodbye to grandma and went to weight watchers for my weekly weigh in.  i'm getting closer to my goal weight every week. this meeting is inspirational in more than just weight loss.
after the meeting i got some coffee at coffee bean + a bar and a banana.
went to the mall for some foundation, a shirt for jordan and a last minute attempt to find something to wear to dinner tonight. trying on a cute skirt at h&m. i didn't bring it home.
back home for peanut butter and apple sandwich.
a little cuddling in bed.
while watching chopped on food network.
then time to get ready for dinner.  as usual sofia has to choose her outfit.
bobby and i enjoyed a little czech beer.
then to the rehearsal dinner in thousand oaks.
i was so happy to see my friend shay from seattle.
a few speeches.

and pictures.
the "best maid." (jessie is having his sister be his best "man". so she's been renamed the best maid.)
and then dinner.
we sat at the self proclaimed "fun" table and laughed all night.  i know others took pictures so i'll have to get those.

finally, home and to bed.

one more day of this project.  i'm losing some steam but am determined to finish.

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