Monday, July 11, 2011

weekly menu:: week 28

rainbow salad bar
how was your weekend?  to say i had the most amazing weekend with some amazing women does not begin to describe what i've experienced over the last three days.  laughing, talking, eating, relaxing, we did it all and more.  i'm still processing it all.
after getting home from palm springs yesterday, bobby and i went on a date to the hollywood bowl.  bobby heard about this concert with composer a.r. rahman and wanted to go. thank you to our friend for scoring us the tickets and a parking pass. you're the best.
rahman is the composer for the soundtrack to slumdog millionaire, 127 hours and some of the most interesting looking movies that now bobby wants to see, of course.  if you've never listened to a movie score i highly recommend that you do that.  the music is what brings the emotion of the movie into focus. it can be beautiful, scary, or funny.  we watched clips from a few of his movies as the l.a. philharmonic played the score.  rahman sang a few of the songs himself.  one thing i was struck by was that i could see that the music comes from deep within him.  of course i couldn't understand the words but it sounded like a lot of it was humming, or chanting, and it came from deep within his soul.  it was a great date night.

we have a short week at home and then we are off on a road trip to san luis obispo.  i know it's only 3 hours away but we are going to be visiting some of california's missions along the way.  when we hit santa barbara we will make a stop here for lunch.  i am so looking forward to it.

bobby will be home for a few days without us but he'll be going out to dinner with friends or playing softball.  so don't think i'm leaving him without food.

monday: salmon with rosemary, harvest grain salad
tuesday:  pasta with turkey sauce
wednesday: eat out in ventura
thursday: eat out in pismo
friday: eat out in slo
saturday:  rehearsal dinner
sunday: jeff and kenzi's wedding

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Mackenzie said...

Yay for roadtrips to SLO, rehearsal dinners, and weddings! Woohoo!!!