Wednesday, July 27, 2011

week in the life:: tuesday

a quieter day but still lots of pictures.

bought these over the weekend.
one of bobby's custom made shirts.
a morning cup.
jordan taking his medication (we both take thyroid medicine.)

this series of photos makes me laugh.
my breakfast:  egg in a hole with avocado and sriracha.
my new favorite site.
around the house.
i made red salsa today and gave some to my mom.

lunch for 3.
lunch for me:  turkey and cranberry salad.
finishing my one little word assignment for july.
we went to my parents' pool in the afternoon.
back to chores.

and making flour tortillas.  result good but needs some perfecting.
a game of telephone after dinner.
and hamming it up for the camera.
the dishwasher and the sink are full of dirty dishes.

we have a full day of adventures today.  looking forward to it.


IAmMikki said...

I love all the every day moments you were able to capture!

Michele H. said...

i'm so addicted to pinterest too! love your everyday photos...your breakfast looks delicious:)