Thursday, July 28, 2011

week in the life:: wednesday

are you still with me?

working my way through the week.  here's a look at our wednesday.

got up at 7:05.  earlier than usual.  take a shower right away.  we are heading out at 8:30 for the farm.

my thyroid medicine that i take every morning before breakfast.
bobby's protein shake after going to the gym.
another quick breakfast.  i actually wanted peanut butter with my english muffin but i sent the peanut butter with bobby for lunch, so i substituted cream cheese.
we went to the farm in moorepark with andrew's teacher from last year and her son.  didn't get out of the house until 8:50.  luckily she was running late too.  met them at the farm where we picked raspberries,


and strawberries.

a beautiful field of lettuce.
the boys.
sofia rode the train with corbin.
jord and me.
our basket of goodies from the farm.
we went from the farm to bobby's office.  i dropped the kids off for lunch and went to the hair salon to talk to the stylist about my do for the wedding.
on my way back to the office i saw the dressing rooms in front of the sound stages.  i miss working at a studio.  it was exciting, most of the time.
we love visiting daddy.
back home and doing chores.
i didn't have lunch until 3:30.  it was more like a snack. leftover fajitas from dinner last night.
i was trying to get a self portrait with the timer and someone snuck in the shot.
i could drink this all day.
one thing i love about wednesdays is visiting the pleated poppy blog for what i wore wednesday.  it gives me inspiration and fun ways to put together outfits.
starting dinner with the vegetables from the farm.  yes, those are purple bell peppers.
we had dinner al fresco.  simple salad, veggie pasta bake and a glass of pinot noir.
after dinner bobby had fun looking at the pictures and videos that the kids made on my iphone.  then he declared that he wanted an iphone so he could have a cool photo library like me.
this is on repeat on my phone and the computer while i work on my blog post.  love her!
the weather tonight was perfect.

made plans for tomorrow and finished this blog post while bobby worked at the kitchen table.

watched the daily show before going to sleep.

i'm enjoying what elise blaha is doing on her blog with this project.  check it out here.


tisha said...

Looks like a great day!! We love berry picking and I will admit very few make it home ;-) Great shots!

Michele H. said...

sounds like a beautiful day and I totally love adele. do you have the adele pandora station?'s amazing:)

Cindy said...

what a great day you had...i love that your little one got into your shot..classic!