Wednesday, July 20, 2011

i wish...

... we could celebrate all over again.
... we could have breakfast with so much of our family everyday.
... we lived closer to the little slice of heaven called san luis obispo.
... we we could still smell the ocean.
... i didn't have a lot of laundry to do.
... someone else could make our bed.
... i could put off "real life" responsibility for a few more days.
... we were still on vacation.

... these two a lifetime of happiness!

it was a great trip with a lot of photos to share.  i'll try to sort through them to give you a recap.  hopefully i can get that done before the next wedding.

i am so happy to be home.


Nancy said...

It WAS a fantastic weekend -- I didn't want it to end! Bobby and Sofia did a wonderful job with the ceremony! I hear you are the master editor -- well done! It was a perfectly personalized ceremony filled with laughter and tears. I'm glad the Mitas family was there to celebrate and make Kenzi and Jeff's dream come true.

Any chance you can burn a disk with your pictures for me? I would love to have them! n

Anonymous said...

It was a perfectly fantastic weekend!!!! Hi Nancy - you looked absolutely radiant!!!! I miss the breakfast with the family and the children running all over! been at work for two days and my head is still on vacation!!! Love Sue