Friday, July 29, 2011

week in the life:: thursday

i'm actually loving these posts because they are so easy to put together.  word + photos.  that's all.

yesterday i wanted to focus on perspective.  taking pictures from different angles.  some worked and some didn't.  check them out.

our bed in the morning.  i love the light in this photo.
ahh, breakfast:  berries that we picked on the farm wednesday, greek yogurt, kashi and honey.
sofia walked up to me with this note on her lips.  "out of order."  i had to laugh.
my basic make up "routine", if you can even call it that.
gassed up the car before heading to the park.
reunited with her best friend. we missed them so much.
simple lunch:  green salad, tuna and bbq pop chips.
sweet girls.
kids playing in the water.
love that i caught the sparkle on my sandal.
getting menchi's for dessert.
a quick trip to the store for milk and other things.  sofia crossed off items on the list.
starting the tomato soup.
read a little on the kindle and took a 15 minute nap.  that's all i needed.
dinner:  5 bowls of vegetable tomato soup.
goat cheese, tomato and avocado grilled cheese for me.
bacon grilled cheese for everyone else.
one of my favorite moments was when the kids went inside and bobby and i got to spend some quiet quality time.
bedtime books
finished the night watching the premiere of project runway. love this show!!

i will most likely post over the weekend cause i'm o.c.d. that way.  monday will be my last post, i promise.
have a great weekend.  thanks for stopping by.


dtahphotography said...

LOL!! That out of order post it was funny, I wonder how long it worked

Scrapflicka said...

Great pictures and your children are adorable!