Tuesday, July 26, 2011

week in the life:: monday

here's what our day looked like:
sofia asleep in our bed.  she comes in in the early morning caring her care bear and snuggles between us.  kind of want to break her of it and kind of don't.
bobby having breakfast and realizing that i will be taking pictures all week.  looks just like last year.
breakfast: was greek yogurt, strawberries, kashi cereal and honey.
jordan playing a game on his ipod touch.
my mom watched the kids for me while i went grocery shopping.  i brought breakfast for the kids, my camera, coffee and my grocery list.
bonus: she made green salsa and i got to bring some home.
a self portrait taken in my sister's room.  i hope to take one everyday.
my sister and the kids - only 12 days til the wedding!!
groceries for the week.
lunch:  turkey, goat cheese and apple sandwich, honey wheat stix and water.
the kids made things with legos.
i made spa water with lemon and lime slices.
sofia played with her toys.

some afternoon fun:  i worked on my san luis obispo scrapbook.
peanut butter and celery snack for sofia.
mocha smoothie for me.

more lego building.
a snapshot of the weather.
all of us in flip flops.
chores:  laundry, checking email, sorting papers, and starting dinner.
bobby comes home.
dinner:  asian turkey lettuce wraps, chicken shu mai and rice.
evening kids played video games and i worked on my blog post.
i ended the day with a little treat.
and a guilty pleasure.  i know it's terrible that i admit to watching this.  don't judge me, please.

and if you stuck with it you have to read this quote to see why this project is important to me:

"In this world, somehow an ordinary life has become synonymous with a meaningless life. And so often we are missing what is truly important because we are on the quest for what is extraordinary. Not understanding that in our ordinary lives, in the ordinary moments of our lives, is really where we can find the most joy. " - Brene Brown

i'm at it again  today. 

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Cindy said...

fun day in photos, i love them all & your meals look so delish, too!!!