Sunday, April 25, 2010

week in the life- thursday

thursday was a more peaceful day.  i had the day to get things organized and catch up on some things around the house. 
both boys had fieldtrips today.  andrew went to see the movie "oceans".  and jordan had community service.  so it was CHA shirts again.

i spent most of the morning just getting things organized for the tea.  spreadsheets, order forms and LOTS of emailing.  this event comes together fairly easily but there are a lot of components to keep track of.

then i read to sofia.  we stayed in our pajamas until lunchtime.
 lunch was half a pb&j sandwich and some grapes.  then we went to meet with jordan's teacher and pick up the boys.
jord takes fencing on thursdays so we got to capture the group as we went up to class.  he really loves it, his favorite elective so far. 
another quick stop at home for a snack and some play time and then it was off to baseball.  andrew has been struggling a bit at the plate.  he hasn't gotten a hit in the last 3 games, he strikes out watching, not swinging.  we think it's stage fright and are working on getting him to just swing the bat.  who cares if he hits it, just swing.  no luck today, but he'll get there.  i also had to keep score at the game.  a little nerve racking but i got the hang of it.  and we won 2-0.

he was really proud.

i am almost embarrassed to admit that this was dinner.  there is a great mexican place between the baseball field and home and on game nights it where we go.  the nachos are a-ma-zing. 
then it's bath, books and bedtime. 
and someone is getting tired of me pointing the camera in his face.

gratitude: thankful for this day to catch up and ease up a bit. 

thoughts on today: our lives are full.  it's amazing to see that although it seems like our days are all over the place, there is structure and consistency in what we do.  somehow amidst all of this, we find a way to keep it together . . .at least this week.

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