Thursday, June 2, 2011

{re}focus :: june

how cool is this sign?  i may have to order one from the etsy shop.  love the color too.

i think i might just make it easy on myself and make relaxing my only goal for june.  no more school, book reports, tests, volunteering, driving here and there.  staying home and relaxing sounds like the perfect goal. i think it's a good time to reenergize and think about what i've accomplished over the past 5 months and what i would like to accomplish over the next 7.

as i look back at may's goals i can honestly say that i did not accomplish very much.  except for the trip with my sister and taking some time almost everyday to go to my room, put my feet up and read for about 15 minutes. it helped to give me a little peace in my day.  my goal last month probably should have been surviving.  getting through the month in one piece and in a sane state of mind.  that i did.

so june will be a lot more low key.  we finish off school next week, have a few end of the year parties and are going away for a work vacation.  i'm just looking forward to spending some time doing what we want to do.

summer vacation also means a lot less alone time.  so my goals will have to fit into the new schedule.  and all of the goals from last month are still on my list this month, with a few modifications.  we definitely need to get some sushi.

beach trips are definitely on the list.  many days in the sand, by the water, enjoying the fresh air.

playing with paint and paper.  the kids have been asking to paint when they get home from school. i need to go out and buy some fresh supplies.  today i overheard andrew telling sofia about the painter that painted with dots instead of brush strokes. "there's all kinds of artists," he told her.  i'll be playing along too.  i love this month's prompt from the class i'm taking.  it's all about playing with art.

i don't want relaxing to turn into "stay in our pajamas and do nothing all day."  so i will have a schedule of things we can do.  cooking, swimming, chores that need to get done, summer reading.  i have a few friends who want to do things together so i will take them up on that.  maybe visit some museums, parks and zoos.

but this month i'm really going to go with the flow and just be. july holds a wedding for us that various members of the family are participating in and then we get ready for my sister's wedding in august and then it's back to school. i love that the pressure is off this month and we get to hang out and have fun.

looking forward to a great month.

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning Lucy!!! I just wanted to remind you that the most important thing you accomplished in May (besides As bday and the Ancient World Festival and Ks shower and our BF Oprah) was that the children were on time to school every day and they had eaten breakfast AND they were not wearing their PJS! Love Ethel