Thursday, June 16, 2011

five people twelve times:: 5.11

may seems like such a long time ago.  i guess because we are halfway through june. or because it was such a hectic month that i have put it at the back of my mind.  i had to look through pictures and review my calendar to remind me of what we did.
started playing softball again and hasn't injured himself yet. i hope i didn't just jinx it.
has gotten so much great feedback on his work.  
is working that much harder to make his dream come true.
got to go rafting for the first time this season.  easy stuff, but he had a huge smile on his face.
finally beat me at words with friends.
is writing the ceremony for his cousin's wedding.
realized her dream to go to chicago.
sat in the front row of the 5th to the last oprah show.  she will never forget it.
spent quality time with her sister.
worked hard on the ancient worlds festival for the boys' school.
went to 2 showers for 2 upcoming weddings.
finally ordered her dress for her sister's wedding.
made new friendships.
went on a weeklong trip to yosemite.
appreciated nature a little more.
crawled through a very narrow hallow tree.
reminded me that he has a heart of gold.
got a bad cold that kept him home for the final middle school dance.
he wasn't too upset about that.
celebrated his 9th birthday.
was very understanding about the whole chicago thing.
had a baseball party with his family and friends.
went away for the first time to science camp.
had a great time and pretended not to miss us.
really got into showing off what he knew about the mayan culture at the ancient worlds festival.
brought her mom and all 3 grandmas to preschool.
loved being the only one at home while her brothers were away.
couldn't wait for her brothers to get home.
stopped at the swing everyday on her way out of school.
is so ready for kindergarten.
is not ready to say goodbye to her preschool.

i hope you are enjoying these posts as much as i am.


Nancy said...

I LOVE your posts! Thank you for sharing!

Sarah said...

Oh, you do words with friends? I'm going to need your screen name so we can start playing. I'm addicted!