Monday, June 6, 2011

weekly menu:: week 23

another party filled weekend started on friday with the end of the year picnic at sofia's preschool.  we have been to so many of these over the years and they are always so much fun.  it's a big deal for the kids because they get to ride on the school bus.  lots of activities for the kids, a parent pot luck and water play.  i am feeling so sad about leaving this school.  they are so loving and caring.  we've been there for 8 years.  the last day will be a sad day.  but we are so excited to have all the kids at the same school.

saturday we went to a great kids' birthday party.  sofia loves hanging out with her girl friends, and boy friends too.  and i love hanging out with the mom's.  such a great group of women.  looking forward to spending the summer with them.
sunday i went to a baby shower for one of those mom's.  it was a small group celebration.  my friend amy made the most amazing food; egg souffle, creme brulee french toast, tuna fish sandwiches and yogurt with homemade granola.  yummy.  i got some cute ideas for the next baby shower.

then at night we saw "bridesmaids", again.  i saw it on thursday with my sister and her bridesmaids.  i couldn't wait to take bobby to see it.  so we saw it last night with friends.  sooooo funny.  laughed out loud, loved it!

this week the kids get out of school on wednesday.  then we head to palm springs for a work/mini vacation.  plans for dinner are subject to change depending on how hectic it gets around here.

monday - blue cheese chicken burgers, oven fries
tuesday - shrimp lettuce wraps, Trader Joe's Chicken Shu Mai
wednesday - slow cooked pork carnitascilantro lime rice, black beans 
also planning on making these for dessert to celebrate the end of school.
thursday - Off to Palm Springs
friday - Palm Springs
saturday - Palm Springs
sunday - Back from Palm Springs

have a great week.

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I will try a Lemon Cheescake Yougurt! Grandma