Thursday, June 9, 2011

favorite memories

ok, so i made it through the last day of preschool without completely losing it.  although sofia's teacher had a box of tissues set out just for me.  i never really said goodbye to any of them, just "thank you."

sofia was excited to get her portfolio and cd of pictures.  and all day she kept telling people, "did you know i graduated from preschool and now i'm going to kindergarten?"  of course she thinks she's going today.  she is adjusting so much better than i am.

yesterday was filled with more than just goodbyes.  we had parties and memories and plans for the summer.  but before we move on, i asked the kids to share some of their favorite memories from the past school year.  i am playing catch up with their school albums but i wanted to make sure i got this information down before it was forgotten.  here's what they wrote.
my favorite subject was science.
i liked playing kickball, whiffle ball and basketball with my friends.
i liked doing cross-examination (in mock trial) because i liked "poking holes" on the other team's side.
i liked watching willy wonka jr (the school play) because i liked watching my friends acting and singing.
i liked creating my first comic in my cartooning elective. i felt like i accomplished something in my elective and i liked drawing and creating comic strips.
i enjoyed going to yosemite because it was beautiful seeing nature and i liked being with my friends.

my favorites
feeling so proud and yet so panicked about him as the prosecuting attorney in mock trial.  he has more confidence and guts than i ever did.
watching him struggle a bit in math.  and then letting him own it.
getting his braces.  the change is amazing.
watching him with his friends.  what a great group of kids.
making it to the school spelling and geography bee.
hearing him say about yosemite, "the pictures didn't capture the beauty of this place."
seeing him get excited about drawing.
seeing him surpass his goal for basketball.
my favorite subject is p.e. and science.
i liked outdoor science camp.
i also liked knott's berry farm.
i liked learning about physical and chemical changes in science.
i liked multiplication and division, but it wasn't the easiest thing for me.
i liked learning about the mayan civilization - they invented chocolate, popcorn and accurate calendars.

my favorites
hearing how he made his teacher laugh and seeing how proud he was of himself.
watching his handwriting improve.
seeing how much care he put into his work.
being told that he is a quiet leader.
hearing about what a great friend he is.
reading his creative stories.
watching him present his book report dressed as albert einstein, complete with paper mustache.
i liked playing with alexa.
i liked playing with emilene.
i liked playing with sophia.
i liked playing in the sandbox.
i liked going on the swing with alexa.

my favorites
knowing that she can play with the girls and the boys.
seeing her confidence in herself grow by leaps and bounds.
watching her develop a very special friendship.
witnessing her curiosity grow.
seeing her compassion.
watching her encourage others.
feeling like she can stand up for herself.
realizing that keeping her in preschool was the best gift we could have given her.

and now, let the summer begin.

i'm taking friday off for some family fun. but i'll be back on monday. have a great weekend.

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