Friday, June 24, 2011

five on friday :: happiness

1. essie nail polish in master plan.
i am a little obsessed with all things grey.  this nail polish is the perfect neutral shade.  i painted my toes with it and i really want to paint my fingernails too.

2. this skirt from old navy
actually the skirt i got is grey and white.  but i couldn't find a picture online.  i can see myself wearing it with yellow, navy, green.  so many options.  i want to wear more skirts this summer.  maybe even make a few.

3. fiber one 90 calorie brownies.
i've never had much of a sweet tooth.  but lately, after dinner, i find myself searching for a little something.  this just hits the spot.  i don't like eating prepackaged foods, but i love that these live in my pantry, pre-portioned and ready to go.
4. graduations
went to my nephews middle school graduation last night.  he was given the spirit award for exemplifying all that the school stands for.  he also sang and played the guitar.  it was very emotional. this morning we will attend my nephew/godson's 5th grade graduation.  he will be giving a speech and i can already feel the tears coming on.

5. finding these two things on pinterest

Source: via Gioconda on Pinterest

when i saw that first one i nearly fell out of my chair.  i will focus on the happy for sure this weekend.

have a great one filled with love.

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