Monday, June 20, 2011

weekly menu:: week 25

had a wonderful weekend with lots of wonderful food.  hit the food truck festival on friday with some out of town guests.  it really is becoming a busy place around here.
saturday night we went to tapas for the first time.  i enjoyed a fruity sangria and crostini with goat cheese and honey.
any guesses on what this might be?
i am looking forward to coming back and trying out more dishes.  then we went to one of my favorite italian restaurants, carolina's for an authentic italian dinner.

yesterday we celebrated father's day with my family.  burgers, hot dogs and pasta salad, just chillin' and being together.  seriously is there anything better than that?
another week of menus that will end in a weekend of bridal showers and birthday parties.  looking forward to it.  i think we're having dinner with my in-laws this week.  they're home from alaska and will be sharing some of the fish they caught with us.  not sure what day but we'll rearrange the schedule to fit that in.

monday (andrew) -   trader joe's chinese food: chicken shu mai, orange chicken, won ton soup (back on the menu cause we never made it last week.)
tuesday (jordan) -  turkey burgers, sweet potato fries
wednesday - harvest grain salad with chicken sausages
thursday - let's assume tonight is dinner with the in-laws.
friday (sofia)- doing shower stuff, so we'll make pizza
saturday - my sister's shower and then a birthday party
sunday - a birthday party

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Gaby said...

Sounds like a great weekend! And this one coming up is gonna be even better. ;)