Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{re}focus :: may

i was totally caught off guard today at the thought of writing this post.  i definitely did not have the time or energy to do all that i wanted in april.

the thought of setting new goals is overwhelming.  i feel like i need to work on some of the ones i didn't get to before moving on.  and may is going to be jam packed with birthdays, mother's day, 3 of us traveling to 3 different locations at the same time, wedding showers and preparations, the start of the softball season, and the last full month of school.  does it sound like i have any time to meet my goals?  nevertheless, there is always something to work towards.

personal development: get back to running with the goal to do another 5k in june.  i also want to start going to the y to swim laps.  that scares me more than you know.  and as may is full of activities and responsibilities i really want to take some time each day to be at peace.  15 minutes of focus a day.  it sounds easy but most days finding the time is hard.

organization:  i am super motivated to get a weekly menu plan for all of my meals.  breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.  i'm working on eating more fruits and vegetables and eating less white flour and "convenience" foods.  day one was a success, although a lot of work. because this month is so busy i need to find a way to be organized with the calendar, be realistic about my time and not overcommit myself, which is so easy for me to do.  keeping a clear and current calendar will definitely help.

be present:  i am taking a little trip with my sister, something i have wanted to do since i found out she got engaged.  it took an unexpected surprise to give us the motivation to plan it.  i don't want to share the details just yet, but we are flying and staying in a hotel and making the most of the 2 days we will be gone.  but it came at a price.  i had to make a really difficult decision, to miss something important to me.  i am super excited about going but sad to miss being here at home.  in any case, i want to put that in the back of my mind and enjoy every moment that i get to spend with her.  we are visiting a city we've never been to and i want to make the most of it.  i know everything will be fine.

budget:  last month was a doozy in terms of money.  lots of things to pay, 3 trips, a fundraiser at the school, end of the year stuff.  it took a big bite out of our budget.  i am going to work this month on cutting down on spending and taking advantage of coupons and sales.  it takes a lot more work but even if we save a little it will be worth it.

time:  there won't be much of it this month.  but i am hoping to spend some time with each member of my family.  this will be the last month that sofia and i will have alone together.  school gets out in early june and then all three kids will be home.  this time is so precious to me; the time before she starts kindergarten. hoping to have some "mommy and me" moments with her.  i also want to make time to do something with jordan and andrew individually.  it will be fun planning that with them.  we may not do it until june when we have more time but putting it on the calendar will be the goal.  and looking forward to some date nights with bobby.  ahhh, sushi.

please share your goals. it motivates me too.


beannie said...

Well, as of now, my goal is officially SUSHI!

Anonymous said...

Well, I will just say ditto to all of your goals but substitute walking for jogging and swimming!! Good Luck!!! Mom