Thursday, June 23, 2011

thoughts on a thursday

i want to show you pictures of the party favors for my sister's shower...but i can't.  they are cute though.
i want to show you the outfit i'm wearing for the shower... but i don't have it yet.
i want to share a recipe that i love... but i can't decide which one.
i want to share videos that the kids have made... but we can't upload them to the computer for some reason.
i want to tell you about the book i just finished and absolutely loved ... but i don't want you to make fun of me. (i've been reading it since march.)
i want to share an updated photo of my project life album . . . but i haven't taken any yet.
i want to write something funny/inspiring/creative... but i'm not feeling it.
i would love to tell you that everything's done for the shower and i'm just relaxing... but i'm not. but i'm also not stressing.  it's all under control.

i will share a picture of andrew and some of his classmates from a boat tour they took at channel islands yesterday.

i do have a picture of bobby's father's day breakfast.
i do want to tell you that my sister's shower was inspired by this.

and this .

i also know that she will love it.

i do know that good things are around the corner for our little family.  i'm trying to stay cautiously optimistic but i'm feeling a little more optimistic and a little less cautious.

i found out that blogging takes a lot more work during the summer.  we are not on a schedule at all.

i am fighting with 3 other people for computer time.

i am having a hard time coming up with things to blog about. any suggestions?

i am hoping you will still check in and say hi.

that's all i have for you.


Gaby said...

I already love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Andrew is such a dude!!!! I like the blogging about nothing. It was relaxing! Ethel

Jen OBrien? said...

Is that book you've been reading since March Curious George?