Tuesday, June 21, 2011

around here

today is officially the first day of summer.  at least that's what my calendar says.  we've been in summer mode for a week.  this is life around here.

  • we're sleeping in til 8.  feels so nice.
  • i hope to get up earlier and hit the gym before everyone else gets up.
  • i missed the csa delivery this week.  but will start it next week.  looking forward to some yummy, fresh produce.
  • the exterior of our house is painted and looks great.  such a nice change for us.
  • we are needing to work on the landscaping, front and back.  
  • i am putting together a scrapbook on the road for our trip to san luis obispo next month.  
  • i am finishing the one from palm springs.
  • we are hoping to make jam with grandma. strawberry, peach, any kind will do.
  • wanting to get this popsicle maker for the kids, ok,  i'm the impatient one.
  • we spent $5.50 at the ice cream truck for three treats. what happened  to .50 popsicles?
  • that popsicle maker is starting to sound like a bargain.
  • the kids have appointments with the eye doctor and dentist next week. 
  • they could also use a haircut.
  • i am thinking of recipes for the alaskan salmon that will soon be in my freezer.
  • i am hearing and seeing many legos being built.
  • i am working on favors, grocery lists, and little details for the shower this weekend.
  • we have 2 graduations this week and 2 kids' birthday parties this weekend, along with my sister's shower.  
  • i could use a closet full of gifts.
  • it feels calm and easy going here.
  • we know that will change in the next few weeks when we start swim team, getting ready for the weddings, and start on summer reading and workbooks for school.
  • life is good.
happy first day of summer!


Gaby said...

Life is good, indeed! :)

Mackenzie said...

Hate to burst your bubble, but when we talked to Mike & Becky on Sunday, there was no salmon in their possession...only halibut. They were going fishing again on Monday, so hopefully they caught some!

And YAY for roadtrip to SLO!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! count me in for any kind of jam the kids want to make. I would also like to teach them to make pies. And wouldn't homemade chocolate crossiants be nice? Love Grandma (and second the yah SLO road trip!)