Friday, August 29, 2014

looking forward

now that i've remembered all of the fun things our summer was filled with i am thinking ahead and getting ready for fall. the kids have already chosen their halloween costumes.

school will start for everyone on wednesday and that will free up time around here.   there are two big changes for me this year.  i am no longer heading up the pto this year.  truly that has been a full time job for me; being on campus almost everyday, meetings, lots of emails, and planning. this year i get to be involved without the responsibility of getting it all done.    there is a great group taking over this year - huge sigh.

the other decision i made was to not run a half marathon in the fall.  that was a tough one for me. i was looking forward to being on a training schedule and doing a run in temecula's wine country - why am i not doing this?  well, we have football games every friday that end at 11pm which means not getting a good night's sleep.  then saturday mornings (break of dawn) there are parades and water polo tournaments.  with bobby home this year it will make a huge difference, we can take turns coming and going.  but it also means that the other kids don't have to go along for the ride.  the complaints from last year are still so present.  they get to enjoy their weekends too.

fall means cool weather, sweaters, coffee, lots of birthdays and holidays.

september will be epic.  we are looking forward to:

  • our 20th wedding anniversary!!! how is that possible?
  • the first day of a very exciting school year.
  • a back to school picnic, first day of school coffee and movie night.
  • taking an online scrapbooking class.
  • our trip to toronto - beyond excited for this.
  • jordan's band's gig. 
  • water polo and football games.  
  • jordan performing on the snare at the half time shows.
  • a birthday party with dear friends
  • taking a calligraphy class with my sister - can't wait!
  • finding our new normal with food. we will keep so many of the changes we have made over the last 30 days but i'm ready for some variety.
  • the start of the brockett blitz fantasy football league.
luckily we have this three day weekend to get ready for it all.  and then it's go, go, go.

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