Thursday, August 28, 2014

our sweet summer is gone

one week from today school will start for the younger kids and then it will be the back to a more structured and scheduled life.  we have taken advantage of every moment that this summer had to offer.

 baseball camp

 rockstar camp

and band camp

between water polo and band, jordan didn't have time to miss notre dame.

an amazing adventure

filled with beautiful memories of

trying new things

hanging out in the car with these three


and sunsets

drinking lots of iced coffee

enjoying the fruits of the garden

meeting new people

getting our free slurpees on 7-11

breaking in new running shoes

and new trails

reconnecting with friends

growing like crazy.

taking selfies

a trip to disneyland

and another to a museum

lots of good food

fireworks from the balcony

baseball games

a gig

and a pig

a movie night birthday party

and time with family

an ice bucket challenge (and one still to come)

beach days

letting their hair grow

then cutting (and shaving) it off.

laughing, relaxing, and loving together.

"our sweet summer is gone... but we'd do it all over again."

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