Friday, August 22, 2014

some things | 8.22

carpenteria farmer's market
something to read - food labels. this whole30 challenge really has us rethinking what we are eating.  it has changed us in so many good ways.  first and foremost being aware of what we are eating.  i cook healthy food, pack healthy lunches and try and balance the treats for everyone.  but when i started reading labels and realizing that food, real food, isn't found in a box, filled with ingredients i have no idea about, and preserved with sugar, it was an eye opener.  at least now if i read the label and eat the food i will know what i am putting in my body.  and that awareness is priceless.

something to make - mayonnaise.  ok that's kind of a weird one.  but i made some and it was gross (to make) but good (to eat).   it taste so much better than the kind you find on the shelf.  and it's got four ingredients - egg, oil, lemon and salt.  not interested in eating raw egg? make your own salad dressing, pancake mix, or ice cream.  it's so worth the work.

something to watch - top chef duels.  is anyone else watching?  talk about inspiring, innovative, and beautiful.  these chefs are true creative geniuses.  i am in awe of what they can put on a plate in 20 minutes. and to have it taste good, wow! also watching the knockout on bravo tv dot com.

something to do - i have a list going of all of the restaurants in our area state owned by a top chef and i'm planning to visit all of them as many as we can. first stop black market liquor bar in studio city.  antonia is one of my favorite chefs and it's so close to us.  also on the list, ink by michael voltaggio, and playa provisions by brooke williamson.

something to eat - i made the bang bang shrimp this week and it was amazing.  i used my homemade mayo for the sauce, served it on butter lettuce with some cherry tomatoes and a side of grilled baby bok choy with balsamic vinaigrette .  it reminded us of the shrimp we had from the deli in kauai. one of the best meals we've had in the past 22 days.

something to try - grilled peaches.  i bought some beautiful peaches at the farmer's market in carpenteria yesterday and i can't wait to grill them.  my favorite is to slice the peach, wrap them with prosciutto and then grille them. serve on a bed of greens with some pistachios, olive oil and balsamic. so, so good.

something to inspire - bon appetite's picks for america's best new restaurants of 2014.  love the videos that go along with the articles.  i saw the video for the grand central market in los angeles and now am inspired to take a culinary field trip when the kids go back to school.  pupusas, the egg dish at the egg restaurant (sorry this is a family blog), and that pizza - oh that pizza.  looks like i may need to make several trips.  

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